Symbol is a compiler wrapper and a set of editor plugins allowing you to easily use Greek letters, accents, and other Unicode symbols in any programming language.


Example of Fortran 90 code


    $ gcc file1.c file2.c -o my_program

Entering Unicode:

Entering Unicode characters in source code is easier than one might expect.


Version 0.2: symbol-0.2.tar.gz

Git repository: Go here.


May 24, 2012: Version 0.2 released. Cycling through symbols in Emacs (symbol.el) now works during incremental search (isearch).

May 10, 2011: Version 0.1 released.


You can visit our Sourceforge project page to report bugs, submit feature requests, etc.

If you have other comments, questions or suggestions, or are interested in contributing, you can also send us an email.

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